Where can I use BLOCKPOD?

BLOCKPOD can be used anywhere! As long as there is a flat magnetic surface for you to attach it to.

When and why should I use BLOCKPOD instead of my tripod?

You can use BLOCKPOD anywhere and everywhere providing there is a magnetic surface. An example is where tripods are not allowed as they pose a trip hazard. Using BLOCKPOD instead of a tripod means that you do not need to carry the extra weight around with you all day, we all know how heavy camera equipment can get!

How much weight can BLOCKPOD bear?

BLOCKPOD is able to hold a staggering 1.8kg worth of camera equipment. Depending on the leverage caused by the lens you are using this may be less. So if you are using telephoto lenses, take extra caution and ensure your camera and BLOCKPOD are securely attached to the metal surface before letting go.

How big is BLOCKPOD?

The dimensions of BLOCKPOD are as follows:
Thickness: 15mm
Width: 35mm
Length: 120mm
In words, this means that it will fit in your pocket, backpack, smaller camera bags, handbag or you can even leave it attached to your camera.

Won’t the magnets damage my camera and SD card?

While the magnets used are very strong for their size, they will not damage your camera nor your SD card. All new forms of data storage use flash memory to write which is not affected by magnetism. However please keep a safe distance ( at least 15cm) between BLOCKPOD and other objects which may be damaged by magnetism. Items such as mechanical watches, heart pacemakers, hearing aids, CRT monitors and televisions, credit cards, diskettes and other magnetically stored media such as video tapes are all affected by powerful magnets.2