DSC_0939BLOCKPOD Ltd. was founded by designer Nikolay Bogdev in 2016. As a passionate photographer and designer his goal is to put high quality products in the hands of everyone at an affordable price.

BLOCKPOD is a camera accessory which can in some instances replace the need for a tripod. With the use of small yet incredibly strong neodymium magnets all you need to do is secure BLOCKPOD to your camera, “stick” it to any magnetic surface and enjoy taking great long exposures, stable video footage or capturing a shot from “that hard to reach” spot without worrying about having a tripod with you!

The creative process began as a way to resolve the issue of not being allowed to use tripods in certain locations as they are considered a trip hazard. Another issue Nikolay wanted to address was the weight of equipment photographers have to carry with them. In some instances this can be in excess of a 10kg backpack. Usually the tripod would account for anywhere between 0.5kg to over 3.5kg. Through countless hours of testing and development, Nikolay has been able to design and make a product which has gone from chunky to sleek, elegant and pocket sized